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TYRANNY Starts When Justice Is Perverted

TYRANNY Starts When Justice Is Perverted

 TYRANNY starts when court officials judge the citizens based on the laws, yet ignore these same laws for themselves and friends.   In England, a person can go to prison for life for this.   In the state listed below, the government just looks the other way and uses it as business as usual.

Here's a great example of TYRANNY starting in a State's Supreme Court.  Why did the New Jersey Supreme Court attorney ethics authority insist Supreme Court Ethics Attorney Robert Correale be judged for violations by the same ethics committee that he was Vice-Chairman of...  

More details at:  https://www.causes.com/campaigns/39358-petition-gov-christie-to-investigate-nj-lawyer-corruption

Please sign and SHARE my petition to Governor Chris Christie to investigate this perversion of Justice.  For unknown reasons, he has NEVER answered my communications.  I'm NOT going away.  In total, it has been over eleven years of battling to get Justice.  It's much to ask from a disabled PTSD veteran.

How you can help

This Is No ONE American's Fault, But It Is EVERY American's RESPONSIBILITY HELP Clean Up American Veterans' Grave Sites FINALLY RESTING PLACE FOR AN HONORABLE VETERAN ROBERT  JAMES  PIERCE America's Heroes Graves Should NEVER Look Like This Pictures and some details at: http://www.americans-working-together.com/id5.html ORANIZE  INTO  GROUPS  OR  SMALL  TEAMS  OR  JUST …

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Please do me a favor and remember this U.S. Marine  He was a great buddy. Here's a picture of a great Marine, who died trying to save another Marine's life. Robert Pierce Died August 11, 1970. Here's a webpage I built for him.  (more pictures) http://www.americans-working-together.com/id5.html   Those who died in Vietnam are the real heroes. They should be honored. …

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