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So you want to un-corrupt U.S. politics...

Us too! 

Let's get money out of politics, so the people can get back in. Here's our bold, ambitious plan. You in? 

How To Get Money Out

  1. Draft comprehensive legislation to stop bribery, end secret money & empower voters. 
  2. Get a million Americans to become citizen co-sponsors of the new law. That's where you come in. 
  3. Mobilize a massive, national movement for a government that represents the people, not the money.
  4. Use the power of the Represent.Us campaign to pressure politicians to formally Co-Sponsor the Act as is, with no changes, delays, or loopholes.
  5. Leverage the power of the national movement to vote out politicians who do not stand behind the Act.

The American Anti-Corruption Act will only pass if a million Americans demand it. 

Please add your name and invite friends.

How you can help

Congress thought that they could sneak through a series of awful provisions in the Omnibus Bill without the public catching on. But guess what? We noticed and we are angry. Speak up now! Here are just a few of the most outrageous elements of the deal:  Defense lobbyists scored $479 Million for defense contractors to make warplanes the Pentagon did not ask for. Sound expensive? They're paying…

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