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Swans are so beautiful! They glide on the water with their radiant white feathers and long necks. They add to the charm of New York with their beauty and grace! Millions of people derive such pleasure from watching the swans and showing their children about how miraculous nature is. They inspire us with their stately presence and they are part of our natural world! Why would anyone want to kill these beautiful birds that are the very symbol of elegance and grace?

Almost every child in America and many other countries too, have heard of the story of “The Ugly Duckling” who in the end is transformed into a beautiful swan. Many children relate to this story as they grow up to retell it to their own children because it is such a beautiful story with such an inspiring message. This great story by Hans Christian Andersen with the Swan as its main character has become one of the most beloved tales in children’s literature. But if the swans are eliminated in the parks and many places where New Yorkers gather, many children will be denied the experience of seeing these awe-inspiring creatures! We are asking you to please not harm these swans which have inspired so many for generations and to leave them in peace to continue to captivate the imaginations of both children and adults for future generations.

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