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When I was younger maybe 14 me and my little sister were what the government refers to as "a ward of the state" or as we call it orphans for just a little while in that time we ended up with a family who we even knew from around our Christian school. They would lock us in our room and never let us do anything or go anywhere we were so grateful when our older sister finally got us out. They treated us like w were at a prison and even planted something in my little sisters backpack to say she stole it so they could punish her. Years later now that I am an duly and understand the situation more clearer and have heard other stories that were far worse than mine I agree we need to do something about this. Our youth is the future generation our doctors nurses engineers even our president we need to treat them well no one deserves that especially not children they should be loved and taught and given encouragement. I saw this show and wished to God that there are people out there like this that can help our children. I am in fact homosexual as well and see no problem in us being able to help me and my fiancé would love a chance to have children an help them grow and give them a safe and loving home and I hope the rest of the world sees our point of view.

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