James Bauder
James Bauder campaign leader

One day I innocently and randomly clicked on a video posted on FaceBook not knowing what I was about to see. The video I watched had no warnings to prepare me in advance that the video contained an Act of Animal Abuse.

I watched a helpless dog as it was being dragged on the top a rooftop to the ledge and then watched a man grab the dog and threw it off the top of a 20 story tall high rise building to the ground. The video with full audio was being filmed by somebody else and it captured the entire event as viewed from the top of the rooftop ledge and showed every detail including the dog impacting into the ground. I can still hear the dog cry as it lay there dying. This video was not faked, and was very much real.

It’s was like watching the twin towers for the first time. I was in total shock and had a feeling come over me that just made me sick to my stomach and then the next feeling I got was ANGRY. Why would someone throw a dog off the top of a 20 story building and film this and then post it on the internet? I was furious and wanted justice.

I did what I thought was the right thing to do and instantly reported the video to FaceBook pleading they forward the video to the authorities in hopes the persons who did this barbaric act would be found and brought to justice legally so they would never be able to do this again.

As shocked as I was to watch this video, I was even more shocked when I received an email a few days later from FaceBook stating that the video had not broken any community laws and that nothing would be done. That made me really angry! A corporation has been notified of a crime and does nothing is wrong. I found out that FaceBook makes money off these graphic videos and pictures. I found out that FaceBook will not censor these videos so children who are not being properly monitored by their parents as to what their child see and does not see on the internet can also by accident watch crimes being committed to Animals. I found out if a video or picture of Child Pornography is posted on FaceBook it is removed immediately and the Authorities such as Police or FBI are notified.

So if one law is broken, and FaceBook reacts morally to protect children, then why does faceBook not react in the same manner when other laws are broken regarding animals? Why, because FaceBook will not do this because there is no law stating members cannot post acts of Animal Abuse on Social Media. So as a result of not doing anything, young children are learning as they grow up that Abusing Animals is ok to do.

Since FaceBook will not do anything to notify Authorities, I started this Petition in hopes FaceBook will change its policies with respect to how as a company they handle complaints raised by FaceBook Members when a Suspected Act of Animal Abuse is brought to their attention.

If you can relate to my story and you decide to sign the petition, I Thank You Very Much for your support.

May God Bless You and all the Animals.


James Bauder



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