Back in 2010 I wrote a four part series that was published in the Teton Valley News, in Driggs, ID, located on the "other side" of the Grand Teton Mountain Range (over the hill from Jackson, WY) after I received a riveting e-mail that starkly portrayed what our food supply would be like without bee pollination. A pretty grim diet consisting primarily of beans, rice and corn. It took a few months of research and interviews, and it was quite humbling, especially after re-reading all that scientist Rachel Carson went through and her beautiful, profound introduction to her book "Silent Spring". I have just re-posted the first two parts of my series on my Facebook page Kate Reynolds Yaskot. I was shocked that CCD was acknowledged and dealt with in France after a coalition of some 3,000 beekeepers marched to protest the usage of the insecticide IMD in 1999. The ban was aggressively fought by Bayer CropScience which had spent $150 million developing IMD. It lost its suit to have it banned. I urge all who care for this most serious situation to go to my Facebook page, read these articles and make your Valentine's Day Pledge via the Causes Campaign. Our lives, literally, depend on it.


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