Update #8 ·

Kerry has been moved to a lower level yard!

There was an incident a couple of months ago that required folks to call, email, and fax the CDCR, and you all came through. The guards where harrassing and threatening Kerry because he was medically requried to move. He was concerned about moving into a cell with someone he did not know or trust and told them so. They told him if he did not move he would be sent to Isolation. This was after hours when all of the Administrations were gone home for the day.  After receiving a barrage of calls, emails, and faxes they moved Kerry to a yard which is lower level and he has a cellmate that he trusts. However, he lost his job and they are now telling him he is too High Profile to work.  We are continuing to gather signatures for his petition and want to encourage everyone to keep the peition moving.  We are working on an appeal with the 9th circuit which will coincide with the petition being delivered. 

Kerry sends his thanks and appreciation to everyone!

How you can help

An Injustice to One is an Injustice to All! As an American Citizen our rights are guaranteed in the Constitution, yet some citizens are deemed more worthy of rights than others. There is no qualification in the Constitution and should be none in the Courts.  Kerry's right to a fair trial were denied when an All White Jury was chosen, when he was denied the right to question a witness; when the…

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You have 3 days left to sign.

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