Update #5 ·

…And We’re Off!

In late 2013 we passed another incredible milestone: over 50,000 low birth weight and premature infants have now been inside an Embrace warmer worldwide. We’ve also provided intensive one-on-one education on hypothermia and newborn health to over 5,000 mothers, family members and health care workers. 

We’re proud of these figures, the progress we’ve made, and the lessons we’ve learned every step of the way. Yet we are very mindful of how much more there is for us to do—there are still millions of children dying from causes linked to hypothermia each year.

So we’ve made ambitious plans to continue scaling our programs and our distribution of the infant warmer. By the end of 2014, we aim to provide one-on-one education to over 10,000 individuals and to provide the life-saving technology of an Embrace warmer to over 150,000 low birth weight and premature infants worldwide.

How will we get there? This year we plan to focus on depth of impact rather than breadth of impact. We’ve limited the number of new regions we’ll be expanding to, so we can focus our energy on reaching more children in the countries and communities where we already have a presence. We’re poised to launch a number of new partnerships, and to roll out new educational curricula and new iterations on the infant warmer device. We’re also thrilled by several new additions to our talented global team.

We can’t wait to update you on all of these exciting developments in the months ahead. For now, please accept our deepest gratitude for supporting Embrace. Every one of our accomplishments is made possible by our incredible community of partners and friends. 2014 promises to be Embrace’s most amazing year so far… so stay tuned!  


Erin O'Donohue 


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