Jeff Stoker
Jeff Stoker campaign leader

e Description: After voluntary suspension of service in order to catch up on higher priority bills fund where still drafted after verbal agreemen they would not be.
Back in approx sep or oct of 2013 we called customer service of directv to temporarily suspend service and payments so that we could get a more prioritized bill taken care of they said it would not be any problem. Well the following month we went to pay a bill to have our credit card decline when we checked the balance we discovered directv had drafted our acct. in the amount of $62 and some change with was all we had left on the card. This was done after a verbal agreement they would not charge our card until we called to un suspend service. We called to find out why they charged our card after they agreed not to until we were ready to do such. They than went on to claim that we canceled service which at that time we did not. We advised we felt the charge was done in error the said it was legit and that there is now also an early termination fee on the acct as well and that they will continue to charge my card weather I authorize it or not until all is paid. At that point we realized that they had lied to us. We have since disconnected service with directv and block them from further transaction on our credit card due to there dishonesty. We feel that as a result of there abuse of there access to our funds they breached the service and bill agreement and should let us out of the contract without any further payment. They have since put our acct. In collections when due to the nature on how we were treated it should not be. Further more I just discovered and additional $5.64 to or credit card 11/01/2013 which wiped us out again and thes are not the only 2 times they have done this.

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