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#CheersToSochi takeover is making Coca-Cola feel the heat!

Your activism is working! Various articles about the #CheersToSochi takeover have documented that pro-LGBT activists are not letting Olympic corporate sponsors get away with their complacency to Russia's disturbing human rights violations.

From today's Huffington Post: 
"Coca-Cola has been forced into the closet regarding its sponsorship of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. It has shut down an interactive feature that allowed people to put messages on Coke cans cheering the Olympic athletes. The scrapping of the feature comes days after LGBT activists hijacked the campaign, urging people around the globe to use the cans to highlight messages about Russian anti-gay brutality and what activists view as Coke's demonstration of its tacit lack of concern about Russia's anti-gay laws by sponsoring the games."

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