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As President Obama takes the stage tonight to address the nation, I am reminded of something he said during last year’s State Of The Union Address. He said, “Send me a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the next few months, and I will sign it right away." But as lawmakers in Congress continue to stall on immigration reform, President Obama nears an appalling record of two million deportations, the most under any American president.

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With legislation on life support, the President’s policies continue tearing apart families and deporting the very people who would benefit from the reform he supports. These are people like Ardani Lemus, a father of 2 U.S. citizen children, who was detained for over a year and later deported for a minor traffic violation. Ardani’s case is just one of thousands. Everyday, 1,100 people are unjustly deported and countless of families separated.

As recently as November 2013, President Obama has said there isn’t anything he can do to stop the 1,100 deportations per day on his watch. He said the same thing to us when we pushed for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), before ultimately reversing his stance and announcing the hugely popular program in June 2012. Just as in 2012, we know the President has the power to stop the deportations of those who could benefit from reform legislation he supports.

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