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36 years ago & was 16 & pregnant. my boyfriend & i planned it thinking we'd be married & i'd be free from the cruelty i lived in! we got pregnant & my mother lied to me & rushed the process just like Planned Parenthood does..my son, Ely was MURDERED..i woke in the recovery room & started to cry becausei knew he was gone. in walked my mother...she looked down @ me & said "NOW, you're the slut of the family"! my son was just murdered, apparently i'm a slut & when i returned to their residence 3 days later "EVERYTHING" Danny (Ely's Daddy) had ever given me except the sweetheart ring on my finger was gone, i thought he was GONE as well. i was not allowed to speak of Ely or what happened....THIS could have destroyed me (that's what satan hoped) but after many years & GOD's Love & Mercy i was delivered & in ELY'S name i serve God mightily today (www.elyshope205.org)...Abortion doesn't just end the child's life it can "DESTROY" the mothers soul!

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June 4, 2013 Dear Friends, I need your help today to restore some measure of dignity to the babies Kermit Gosnell aborted! As you know, this abortionist has been convicted of murder for killing babies born alive, and for many other charges as well. And as you may also know, I have requested of the Medical Examiner in Philadelphia to be able to bury the bodies of these babies -- bodies that…

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