Lisa Marchant Sepulveda
Lisa Marchant Sepulveda campaign leader

We are slowing killing every living thing around us and the worst part is that we don't realize about it. Animals should be protected and not hunted. Our Chilean authorities including the president Sebastián Piñera, are killing animals just because "there is no money", "there is no other way to control the overpopulation of certain species as stray dogs, gray foxes, beavers among many others and they are destroying our land" how can animals destroy something? and if they do is certainly not their fault. It's humans fault. We are the ones who can talk and do that things happen. They, unfortunately Can't. We ought to help them using sterilization. It is the only safe way to control the overpopulation and it is not that expensive. There has to be a will but the problem is that there is not one. We need to teach our children that is not right to kill only because there are too many cause in that case the child will understand that humans can be killed too and that one life is not important. We have to stop that!

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