Lynne Dalby
Lynne Dalby 6 signatures

I live in Western Australia, and it is a terrible tragedy when a human being is bitten, then dies from the injuries, inflicted by a shark. As much as our lifestyle here in Australia is to enjoy life in the outdoors and is built around the ocean and water sports etc, everyone who goes into the water knows there is a risk of sharks. The ocean is their territory, we have huge amounts of land to enjoy, but still we want to use the beaches and that's OK. However when someone get killed by the bite of a shark the politicians go crazy. It is a terrible tragedy as I said before. Most of the families of victims of sharks do not want sharks killed, they belong in the ocean, we don't. Colin Barnett and his buddy Troy Buswell have instigated this very cruel and unsavory method to rid the beach of the sharks. The tactics they are using, has the people are up in arms, anyone with any sense of caring for these majestic creatures wants Barnetts blood. This campaign is very important to stop this ridiculous slaughter. The fisherman who is monitoring the baits etc and has caught a shark, doesn't seem to know what he is doing either. Apparently the shark he killed wasn't 3 metres long, and he even got the species of shark wrong. Dont allow these cowboys to just carry on this merciless slaughter. Sign the petition to get these people to see their wrongs or they will be replaced. Lynne


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