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Inspections done at Triple F Farms

Well I just spent the last 1 and1/2 hours writing to the USDA who is in charge of inspections at ferret Mills such a s Triple f.The letter is to Mr.Chester Gipson.He is the deputy Administrator of Animal Care. for thr USDA out of Riverdale MD. We have been conversing back and forth. And in his words" the animals inquestions must be in a state of unrelieved suffering before we can proceed ot confiscation". I told him to watch my video and gave him the link and I also told im I am not happy with the way they do their inspections. I told him I have reports from FOIA and APHIS and thing s do not look good. His own people did an inspection and and stated that they found a dead ferret in a cage with 2 live ferrets andin another cage they found a dead ferrets in with 3 live ferrets.an adult female was observed having strong abdominal muscle contractions ands severly straining. the feret was in distress and in pain.An adult male ferret was noted as being very thin and very letahrgic, poorly responsive and had sunken eyes. Several ferrets were noted to have athich white discharge from their eyes. None of this was noticed by the people who work there until APHIS investigators reported it to them.And the one with the abdominal pain they had to tell them twice before anyone sent someone to monitor it.Maybe it's not my place but I explained the way an animals inspection should be done. they should go in there with the mindset of a doctor going to help the sick and the wounded.And I told him someone knew they were coming to do the last inspection because babies were found on the floor under the cages that they fell through and 50 of them were picked up that morning and put in a case with heat but no mother to feed them. Usually they are left under the cages to die.I am not happy with these inspections and I told him so. and then I listed 8 ways that a proper inspection should be done. So that's what I've been up to tonight.

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