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The lawsuit to get this killer out of the Paul Church Wilderness area was heard and denied by Judge Lodge in SALMON, IDAHO!! Gus Thoreson is still enjoying his most favorite pastime in the world, enjoying the beautiful wilderness area where so many of us could and would love to go! His rent is being covered by us, THE USA TAXPAYER. He is busy killing every wolf, bobcat and coyote he can find. Idaho is paying his salary but rent is covered by the USFWS!! Yes, that's correct, he is living and killing while staying in a US Forest Services cabin!! No one really has any kind of verifiable facts on this area of any depredation but we do know that some OUTFITTERS are crying WOLF!!  This is predictable because it's harming their ability to keep all the elks for their $6000 elk hunting "experiences" in which they will let you do a wolf kill free of charge!

An appeal has been made to this denial but in the meantime, we can write to them, a link is provided to do on their website and we need to take action NOW. 2500 wolves have been slaughtered since delisting them. Time is not on their side.

Do not be surprised if USFWS informs you to contact IDAHO. That is what they did to me. This is a federal misuse of taxpayer's dollars and he should not be allowed to get away with this illegal activity.

Thanks everyone and together WE can and WE will make a difference!

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