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This Sunday is my birthday. I want to use this 'special' day to highlight an issue that I deeply care and feel passionate about. That is empowering young Tibetan students on the Tibetan plateau through education. Personally, I feel really fortunate enough to get an opportunity to attend a great university and get an undergraduate degree.

Moreover, I know that I received more than just a degree. I got an extraordinary opportunity to meet and interact with so many interesting classmates and inspiring teachers. That experience alone has dramatically transformed and greatly shaped who I am as an individual today. And I want rural Tibetan students in Tibet to have that same opportunity to grow and learn. Therefore, I've no doubt there are many young talented Tibetans in Tibet and unfortunately only thing that's limiting them is something simple as an opportunity to get a basic education.

"In this world, talent is universal but opportunities are not".

So regardless of your political attitudes, there is no doubt, in the future Tibet we need more professionals, highly educated and skilled individuals. Over 90% of Tibetans in exile are literate and that number is less than 50% in Tibet. Tibetans in exile make up less than 3% of the six million Tibetans and the rest of the 97% are in Tibet. Also some communities on the plateau are still impoverished and hasn't changed one bit, since even before 1949. The numbers clearly put things in perspective and show we can’t remain idle.

This is where Khenlen Fund or "Promise" fund from Machik comes in. It supports rural Tibetan students fund their post-secondary education. Money shouldn't deter these talented individuals from becoming future leaders and contributors within their communities. So help me support these young talented students so that they can transform not only themselves but their communities and eventually the entire Tibetan plateau.

"Sometime the problems feel so big, changing one life doesn't seem enough- but it is."

So please donate if you agree with what I had to say.

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