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STREETCAR vote on Monday! Tell them you care!

Dear Streetcar Supporter,

This Monday, January 27th, City Council will be asked to approve spending $12M to reach 65% completion of the design phase for the CityLYNX Gold Line, also known as the streetcar. This is the level of local investment that will be seen by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) as a commitment to the project by the city, which is critical to our competitiveness for a federal grant for additional funds.

However, several Council members have already indicated they may not support this additional investment.  If staff's request is denied, our ability to obtain federal funds for the project will be jeopardized, and the completion of the project may be delayed further. 

So our community needs YOU and a friend, family member, or neighbor to attend this meeting -- wearing a gold/yellow shirt or holding a sign that reads "GO FOR THE GOLD" -- to show your support.  

The meeting is in the Council meeting chamber at 600 E. 4th Street uptown. Please plan to arrive by 6:00.   

We also need you to take a moment to send an e-mail to your Mayor and City Council Members asking them to vote YES on staff's recommendation to invest in the CityLYNX Gold Line this Monday.  

Here are the e-mail addresses to copy & paste into your message:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

You can send them the following message or write your own: 


Dear Mayor Cannon and Members of Council,

I urge you to vote YES on staff's request to invest additional funds for the CityLYNX Gold Line to ensure we are competitive for a grant from the FTA.  This line is a critical link in our transit system, and we must complete it as soon as possible. 


And if you haven't yet seen our report on the social, economic, and environmental benefits of streetcars you can download it here

Thanks for caring, and be sure to forward this message to your family, neighbors, and friends!  Standing together, we can make a difference!

The Sustain Charlotte Team

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