Update #6 ·

Whose Side Are They On?

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Starbucks and Honest Tea all market “fair trade” products designed to appeal to the fair-minded consumer.

All three also belong to either the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) or CropLife America—two groups that have spoken out in favor of passing two international trade agreements (Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement) that will cause loss of jobs, threaten food safety and clean water, and undermine fair trade eco-labels and GMO labeling laws.

Sound incongruous? We thought so. Which is why we think Green Mountain, Starbucks and Honest Tea should stand up and speak out. Against any free trade agreements, including the TPP and TAFTA, that are harmful to farmers and workers.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Starbucks, and Honest Tea: If You’re Serious about Fair Trade, Support Fair Trade Policies!


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