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Who’s Afraid of Big Food?

If your state has introduced a GMO labeling bill, or is even thinking about it, you can bet that food industry lobbyists are out in full force, bending your lawmakers’ ears.

Among the many lies lobbyists are spreading, is the one that state GMO labeling laws are unconstitutional. And that any state that passes one will be sued.

It’s simply not true. According to the Vermont Law School and the Washington D.C.-based law firm of Emord & Associates, both of which have studied H.112, Vermont’s GMO labeling law and independently concluded that it does not violate the First Amendment.

And neither would a similarly written law in your state. But would your state legislators stand up to Big Food if a GMO labeling bill were introduced, and lobbyists threatened to sue? Or would they cave into industry’s baseless threats?

We think every state lawmaker should know that the research shows that state GMO labeling laws are constitutional. And that we, the consumers and voters and citizens, know they are.

Tell Your State Legislators: Don’t Let Big Food Scare You. GMO Labeling Laws Are Constitutional


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