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This is a brutal unnecessary abuse,that is not really done for anything other than keeping the hefty research grants coming in and of course those that get off by doing these horrendous things to the innocent. Every test known to man kind has been done millions of times, without any new and significant findings. And yet they continue to do them. The body count has gone unchecked with no remorse or conscience for the victims. Inexcusable self serving inhumane minions of the Devil. How can any person with a soul do to these animals what is done to them, it is hideously vile.So all contacts must be made beyond exhaustion and then beyond that. All colleges and schools that still continue this in their classes must be dropped like a hot rock and boycotted. And campaigned until they stop.Anyone knowing of animals that are being stolen in order to supply these kind of labs need to make that phone call. Drop that dime, no matter who it is.

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