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In today's Times, corporate heads are "realizing" that climate change impacts their bottom line! Took them a long time to figure it out!! Who was looking at the books all these years???? But -- maybe now they themselves will want change that allows them to make and sell their products without all the droughts / fires/ floods/ huge storms / cold infiltrating from an Arctic to devoid of ice to contain the cold up north. But -- sadly -- it can never go back. We can only try to keep it from getting worse -- so much worse that we humans won't be able to survive here. This campaign is absurd -- the "cost" they figure is ridiculously low. But -- it's the one I was offered, so I signed.

Campaign won!

As you already know, carbon pollution is driving climate change, transforming our weather, disrupting our lives, and threatening our future. We cannot afford to live in a world with unregulated, unchecked carbon pollution like we do today. The fact is 40 percent of the carbon pollution emitted in the U.S. comes from power plants -- and that's just too much. But here's the thing: we can do…

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The Social Cost of Carbon estimates the monetary damages that result from carbon pollution – essentially putting a value on the effects of climate change that are already costing us today. The Obama Administration requires agencies to factor in these damages when making new policies. After careful scientific analysis, the current estimate was increased to $37 per ton of carbon pollution. But…

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