Harmful Chemicals Found in SC Johnson Fragrances (you have a right to know if these are in the products you're using):

- Synthetic musks. These chemicals are potential hormone disruptors. They are also persistent (they don’t break down in the environment), bioaccumulative (they build up in our bodies), and may break down the body’s defenses against other toxic exposures. Synthetic musks are showing up in our blood and breast milk.

- All 26 of the allergens currently disclosed on SCJ product labels in the European Union (EU). SCJ doesn’t disclose these allergens on product labels in the US because they’re not required to by law. Tens of millions of people are sensitized to these chemicals, which cause reactions that range from red bumps, itchiness and wheezing to severe breathing problems.

- Several additional allergens, which have been deemed of concern in the EU.

- Several chemicals of concern identified by an EU panel as having no publicly available human safety data.

- Terpenes, which can react with ground level ozone in the air to form cancer-causing formaldehyde.

- Petroleum – the same compound in gasoline.

Learn more: http://www.womensvoices.org/issues/fragrance/scj-stop-keeping-secrets/

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