Update #6 ·

Olson's legal battles continue

Olson has been waiting 25 months for her day in court and will be waiting amost another year before her trial date in Nov 2014. During this time her bail conditions prior to a determination of her guilt have been more restrictive than the post conviction probation conditions received by convicted animal abusers, Robert Fawcett, who cruelly slaughtered 100 sled dogs and buried many of them alive and Brian Whitlock, who repeatedly beat and stabbed his dog Captain then tossed him unconscious and dying into a dumpster. Fawcett received a one year probation and no restriction on owning more dogs while Olson has been restricted to her home by a curfew and from owning more dogs for almost two years. Whitlock received one week in jail for his animal cruelty conviction while Olson has spent the same amount of time in jail just waiting for a bail hearing. 

A supporter of Olson's recently stated in a letter to the editor of a Vancouver newspaper that if Olson had stolen  the 100 sled dogs to save them from being slaughtered or stolen Captain to prevent his cruel murder, her punishment for these thefts would have been far harsher than Fawcett and Whitlock received for murdering them. In Canada, the theft of someone's property (and dogs in Canada are considered little more than pproperty with no more rights than your car or flat screen tv) is a far more serious crime than the torture and murder of animals.

Please help Olson get justice by making your opinion heard about the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars being spent to prosecute Olson to the ADAG in BC. You can also contact the Surrey Crown Council at 604-572-2495.


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