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Thank You!

With your great participation, we had a very successful State of the Union Twitter Action! Between 12:45pm and 3:15pm EST our Twitter action had 326 contributors, 935 tweets and 3.01 million potential impressions.  We trended in 16 cities (Miami, San Francisco, NYC, Pittsburgh, Lansing, Las Vegas, DC, Chicago/Evanston, Little Rock, Portland, OR, Louisville, New Haven, Hartford, Atlanta, Binghamton, NY and Scranton).  See  a write-up of the event in Politico:

#STRONGSTART HITS SOCIAL MEDIA: Early learning advocates and individuals launched a massive Twitter campaign Monday afternoon, tweeting at the White House and encouraging President Barack Obama to stress early childhood education in his State of the Union speech one week from today. Using hashtag #StrongStart, pre-K supporters tweeted pictures of children holding up signs and messages of support for more mentions of early education in one of the biggest presidential speeches of the year. Check out the tweets: http://bit.ly/1bT35sR.

— Caitlin Emma

A big thank you to everyone who participated and did such an excellent job tweeting photos at the President all afternoon!

Campaign closed

This week, your Senators will vote to reauthorize the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). If it passes, this victory will be an important step in building a strong early learning system. Let's give CCDBG a boost by flooding the phone lines. Take action by calling your Senators today. It's easy: ·        Call 202-224-3121. Tell the operator who answers the phone the name of one of…

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During the annual State of the Union address the President lists out his goals and agenda for the upcoming year. Letting him know we prioritize early learning will make sure it stays at the top of his list too. On January 21, one week before the State of the Union address, we will be calling on the President to include early learning in his speech by participating in a Twitter action with…

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The CWLA National Blueprint asserts that we all share responsibility for assuring the safety and well-being of children and youth. To help them flourish, leaders at every level and in all realms must ensure that individuals, families, organizations and systems collaborate, communicate, create and nurture meaningful partnerships.  Will you take responsibility for ensuring all children have a…

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