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The petition was sent to all Canadian MP's, not a single response was received

I emailed the following message to all Canadian MP's on Jan. 18, 2014:

Canadian Members of Parliament:
Before Prime Minister Stephen Harper embarks on his upcoming visit to Jordan, Palestine and Israel, you should be aware of the 1678 human rights advocates who signed the petition https://www.causes.com/actions/1764494-a-petition... that stated:

As Palestinians and Arabs, we tell you Mr. Harper - “You are not welcome in our homeland.” As Canadians, we tell you - “Not in our names.” As international supporters of justice and peace in Palestine, we tell you - “Shame on you.” Stop supporting 21st century Israeli Apartheid!

For more background information, please check out Canada's Shameful Record on Palestine, which includes a detailed analysis of Canada's voting at the recent UN General Assembly


Yours truly
Hanna Kawas,
Chair, Canada Palestine Association


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