Jenn Wisniewski
Jenn Wisniewski campaign leader

Attached is a photo of one of my first days in Bliss; The barangay where I lived during my time in Tacloban City. I remember experiencing complete culture shock but what calmed my nerves was the gorgeous faces and beautiful brown eyes of the children. As we walked through the narrow paths of Bliss, the children were so welcoming- wanting to take pictures and practice their English. It was impossible to not feel immediately at home.

There are many ways to help Filipino's rebuild. First, by creating awareness. There is still mass need and devastation in Tacloban and the surrounding areas. Although the news may not be covering the Philippines as much anymore, the need is ever present. With recent flooding and continued poor access to essentials, awareness of the current situation is necessary. Every donation counts towards rebuilding an amazing and bright future for the students at Mohon Elementary.

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