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Help untraditional lesson materials reach more students

Have you ever tried to explain a card game to someone who has never seen it played? Not an easy task. Research shows retention increases if concepts are experienced rather than taught through traditional lecture models. Educade has a way—with no money and no tech—to take ancient history and give your students a personal experience. Meet L.A.R.P.—Live Action Role Playing. LARP is a way to create personal connected perspective to societies long gone by. Mesopotamia, a LARP lesson available for free on Educade is an immersive lesson that puts teachers and students both in fictional roles within the context of ancient Mesopotamia.

Without your help, lessons like this would not be available via Educade. Opportunities to expand the methods of learning to keep students engaged will fall out of sight. Help us take advantage of AT&T’s generosity to give us $2 for every $1 you donate. Help us keep Educade growing and expanding to host more lessons and reach more classrooms.

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