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Hi. My name’s Joe Solomon, and I live in southern West Virginia.

Early this month 300,000 of my fellow West Virginians could not drink their water — thanks to thousands of gallons of toxic coal chemicals leaked by a negligent corporation. But as awful as this spill is, it is not an isolated incident. West Virginians have had their water poisoned by the coal industry for generations.

West Virginia’s environmental protection agency is hopelessly compromised by the coal industry, and can’t be trusted to ensure safe, clean, drinking water — meaning more toxic disasters like this one are on their way.

Water in West Virginia is being poisoned every day. These latest chemicals are turning some folks’ water blue. But it’s not rare for water to flow red or yellow in the southern coalfields.
So we’re getting organized.

The coal industry has run unchecked and virtually unregulated in West Virginia for decades. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has proven itself to be corrupted and toothless.

With all the attention on West Virginia, we need to act NOW to force the federal Office of Surface Mining to protect our water. To keep our water safe, we’re demanding the federal government intervene and provide real, independent enforcement of our laws, not the blind eye of coal industry cronies.

After this water crisis passes, this fight will continue. I would also encourage you to visit us this March at one of the Mountain Justice Spring Breaks to learn more and get involved.

Please add your name to our petition, and please join us in the months ahead to challenge these industries, and defend & heal our communities.

Many thanks for your support and solidarity,
Joe Solomon
Social Media Coordinator & Trainer
Energy Action Coalition
Volunteer - Coal River Mountain Watch


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