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As of today, more rhinos are killed each year than born. In 2013, 1,004 wild rhinos were killed in South Africa alone. By mid-January 2014, another 34 poached. And the future does not look secure for this majestic species.

There has been plenty of talk of saving South Africa’s rhino from extinction by poaching, but there’s been little action. As a group of concerned conservationists, we do not seem to be winning this war.

Great Plains Conservation has committed alongside industry partners to undertake a relocation of a magnitude never done before – to relocate no less than 100 rhino from South Africa to safe havens in Botswana. By mid-2015, this relocation operation will take place with an assertive and elaborate anti-poaching force and strong commitment to save this species.

Our fundraising campaign, Zeros For Rhinos, will ensure this relocation initiative is a success; striving to rescue this treasured species from spiraling to extinction. What is gained is the knowledge that we all collectively stopped a species from meeting its maker. It will take $8 million dollars to do it, and every dollar counts.

Contribute to the Zeros for Rhinos campaign here.

For more information, contact
Hilton Walker of Great Plains Conservation [email protected] or
Caitlin Carter of Great Plains Foundation [email protected]

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