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Awareness towards change-
The majority of Japanese people have a warped and uneducated view of the preciousness and fragility of aquatic life in our oceans. When I was traveling in Japan many residents would say "but whales are like fish, there are millions and millions of them, so it's ok to take as many as we want or even more." They didn't understand why much of the world are angry at their way of living and their traditional beliefs....... until they were shown the facts and data around dolphin and whale populations. These people thought, "but why we're we taught otherwise at school and through the our media". I said "well that's a question you need ask them yourself". The only telecasts on Japanese television portray the rest of the world as crazily angry for no reason, as if we should "get over it". Interestingly the Japanese resent China for eating dogs as if it is a crime and disgusting, they feel dogs are to be loved and appreciated. If the Japanese people are educated with the truth maybe this will start a shift in their consciousness. Be it boycotting their participation in the Olympics or other International reprimands, as with a any form of effective education their must be a consequence for a lack of change/action and this maybe the required catalyst for change. I do know many Japanese people who are well educated on the issue and are supportive of protecting our precious mammalian friends. Although this being the case, one does feel it is a significant minority.
The first step to change is awareness.
An example of awareness that soon led to change -


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