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Gay Storylines Are Heating Up On Daytime TV!

It has been a long and tedious road, but finally gay stories are being told, and told well, I might add, on daytime television. First and foremost, the characters of Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives. They are not only a gay couple, but they co-parent with Gabrielle she and Will's infant daughter Ariana. 

Next, General Hospital is about to take things to a new level with their first gay love triangle involving Lucas, Felix and Brad. How wonderful! 

It would be a good time for the Young & The Restless follow suit and do a gay story on Phillip Chancellor III. What a perfect way to bring him back!

If you would like to see a gay storyline on the Young & The Restless involving Phillip, please sign this petition to try to help bring this well deserved story to the canvas. We only need 156 more signatures to reach our goal of 500. We can do this!

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