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RAPE is RAPE ! It's a CRIME ! No matter how some man looks at it ! It's a FORCED SEXUAL act against a Woman ! NO ,means NO ! When I was 21 years old,I was married to a guy who I thought Loved me! His Love or Ideal of Love was TWISTED ! He would FORCE himself on me ! I'd be sleeping ,and would would get on me and say just lay still ,when I'd try to Fight him Off me ,I'd get Beat up and HURT ! I'd say NO,he would accuse me of having Sex with someone else,Not true ! So it was either be Forced to have Sex or get Beat up ! I DIVORCED him,when he put a Knife to my Throat,saying he'd KILL me,right in front of my 2 small children,ENOUGH already ! I was LUCKY to get away with my life! I still have Nightmares about this,PTSD ! NEVER again ! :(

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