Aderonke Apata
Aderonke Apata campaign leader

"I fled for my life" - This is Aderonke's story

"Growing up in Nigeria, I was unable to disclose my sexuality, yet unable to hide it.

The culture in Nigeria makes it clear that being gay or transgender is a sin, a sentiment that is fueled by homophobic messages from faith communities, political leaders, families, and schools.

I took these messages in, identified with them, and carried the shame of being a lesbian woman in Nigeria.

After graduating from University, I was arrested, tortured and extorted by the Nigerian Police. I was forced to endure the murder of three members of my family, who were killed because of my religion. My girlfriend of 20 years was killed because of my sexuality.

After a false allegation of adultery, I was sentenced to death by stoning by the "Sharia" Court.

It was then that I fled for my life.

Now, I am under threat of deportation in the UK, at risk of being sent back to a country that just passed an anti-gay law that would send me to prison for 14 years. I feel I will receive that sentence only if I am able to keep my life."

- Aderonke

Please share this story with others, and ask them to join us in protecting one of Nigeria's bravest activists and voices for equality.


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