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It is not just young black men and women, and that is where people get their wires crossed. It is people of all races who are poor. Our legal system picks on those who cannot stand up for themselves. You have to do something REALLY bad to get the police to come down on you, if you are wealthy, and it doesnt matter what color you are then.
I am not saying that the numbers are really messed up, because they are. And the disparity is disgusting and frightening. The fact that you get 10 times as much time for 'crack' then you do for 'powder', is proof by itself that our legal system is somewhat racist. Because I only tried it over and over a few times.....( I will pause for the laughter here).... but I never saw the fascination with coke, or crack, or meth... I am just A weed head. But I also never understood why people didnt crumble their rocks into powder until they got home and re-rock it there.... Like I said.. I dont know much about it. And I also know that when you get it, you wanna hit it....

When you cannot afford a lawyer, and you have one appointed for you, most likely you are going to jail. It doenst matter what color you are, if you need a lawyer that bad and cannot afford one. I also know that it really depends a lot on where you are. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas and spent most of my first 31 years there. I also went to jail over 35 times for bs charges, because they didnt like the company I kept or where I hung out. And once they had my number, it didnt matter where I went or to whos house or what club. They were all over me. 17 times for hitch hiking tickets!!! Finally I moved to Everett, Washington in 1988. I have been here for over 25 years and have NEVER been to jail here and dont get the regular harassment that I got in Kansas. Yes, it took me most of those 31 years to save enoguh to get the hell out of dodge... I mean Wichita...

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Sign the petition to pardon Michael Simmons. Black men and women are being charged twice the amount of time that he or she should be given. Force our public defenders, judges, state representatives and state attorney general to DO THEIR JOB! Create new laws, modify or update old laws, assist with justice problems and uplift our communities. The time is now!

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