Update #6 ·


A few weeks ago, an awesome same-sex couple from Tennessee, Megan and Lindsey, reached out about our goal of getting 2,000 people to urge Mayor Andy Berke of Chattanooga to make history by becoming the first mayor ever in Tennessee to publicly support the freedom to marry. 

Thanks to you, we met the goal, and now more than 2,000 people have asked Mayor Berke to become a Mayor for the Freedom to Marry. 

Will you send a letter to the Chattanooga mayor explaining why this is important to you? Just post your note HERE, beginning with "Dear Mayor Berke," and we'll make sure it gets to his office! 

Across the country, 408 mayors from 38 states have signed on as Mayors for the Freedom to Marry - and we want Mayor Berke to become #409! 

Help us make it happen by writing a quick note about what this means to you right now:


Thanks for adding your voice! 

Adam Polaski
Online Content Manager, Freedom to Marry

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