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***NEW UPGRADE OF CHIEF WHITE OWL PHOTOS ON www.chiefwhiteowlwon.com Please Visit the UPGRADED Site!! Thank You~

  • ***NEW UPGRADE OF CHIEF WHITE OWL PHOTOS ON www.chiefwhiteowlwon.com*** In Honor and Memory of Chief White Owl aka George A. Dahmer. Please SIGN and SHARE the 2 Petitions that need alot more signatures to see any changes made. One Petition on Causes.com and One on Change.org. Please feel free to Post Comments, Sign On-Line Obituary Guest Book, Tell your story, Contact Us, Show your condolences, etc. Please Check out Chief White Owl's Website if you haven't already. Let the Chief know you are fighting for his Justice and all Victims out there. Let's See the Chief  and ALL Victims of Abuse and Neglect **WIN**FOR** JUSTICE**!!  Should not be happening. Abuse and Neglect are Crimes and should be treated like Crimes. Not one Big Slap on the Wrist and One Big Vicious Buy Out!! American Greed at its Best. Please SPREAD The WORD!! Thanks to ALL for your Continuous Support and Efforts!! ~~From the Campaign Leaders!


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