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American's Don't Believe a Word President Obama Says

Despite several attempts to relax concerns over his administration's spying programs, President Obama took to the bully pulpit with hopes of easing our fears.

Fortunately for us, he failed! 

According to a poll released Monday only half of the respondents had heard Obama's statements and of those polled only 21 percent believe his changes to the N.S.A. spying program will make a difference.  

In other words...

Mr. President, the American people do not believe you! 

As long as the N.S.A. continues to spy on the phone calls, emails and private text messages the American public will continue to fight back.  

President Obama has done little to make us rest easy and as such the fight continues.

Continue to help fight back.  Until the USA Freedom Act is passed the Obama administration cannot be trusted.

Stand with us today!  

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Our privacy is under assault and no one seems to care! Join the Twitter Squad today and commit to spreading the word about the NSA and its spying programs. Joining the Twitter Squad means you will be a part of a group who can respond quickly to breaking news and educate the public against the NSA's continuous invasion of our privacy.   We will make it easy for you to participate by providing…

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Call your Elected Officials Today! As we speak hundreds of millions of pieces of personal information and data are being collected by the NSA without cause or consent. The NSA has been illegally tracking your phone calls, text messages, and emails in direct violation of your privacy and the Constitution. In an effort to fight back several lawmakers have sponsored legislation known as the USA…

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You are being watched!!  At this very moment, the National Security Agency (NSA) is looking through billions of our emails and phone records. The day is fast approaching when EVERYONE could be under complete surveillance by government authorities. And it won't stop until we show mass opposition to mass surveillance! The National Security Agency has gone too far, and now it's time for Congress…

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