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If you defend African animals we are sure that you can even support us in the new Petition "If you kill a Dolphin you kill one of us"

Dear friends,

we just started now with an International Petiton "If you kill a Dolphin you kill one of us" to give a strong reply to Dolphins slaughters that are repeated every year in the bay of Taiji, Japan. 

We must push all together towards the Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe, because his government promulgates a law within summer 2014 prohibiting the killing and consumption of dolphin meat across all country.


This cruel and barbaric practice must end now!

Please sign the Petition and copy and paste on your and your friends walls this message: 

"If you kill a Dolphin you kill one of us! http://qr2.co/syjgz8v We officially ask to Japanese Prime Minister and to Japanese Government to Stop Dolphins slaughter in Taiji cove now!"   

It's a battle of civilization towards animals that in all cultures and in all countries are considered the closest mammals to humans.

We will not stop until we have reached our goal! 

We are sure that you'll be on our side and you'll fight with us even in this battle!

Only all together we can win!

Please join too to our new dedicated Facebook group to give us more International weight: https://www.facebook.com/groups/773733565988309/

Thank you again to support us.

Sergio Barbesta - AnimalsTrust.org NPO President & Founder

You can follow us even on Twitter: https://twitter.com/animalstrust and on our FB official page: https://twitter.com/animalstrust

How you can help

Kill these wild animals for a so-called "sport" does not help and give benefits anyone. All these African countries can have more and more benefits from tourism by increasing the possibilities of photographic Safari where all these wild animals are respected. This is a battle for all of us, these animals should be saved and protected at all costs. I invite you to sign this petition and share it…

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