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Urgent call to those who might be able to help! We need to scetch the story of the cove and Angel, the white dolphin, as a storybook/cartoon and distribute it throughout the public especially to children, who are extremely compassionate versus animals! Don't let the story just go through the internet and the social media... we need a printed verion and share this with all those ...who love comics because they are visonary strong and easy to read even by those who can't read words!!! If there is any designer out there that would be able to sketch this story within short time, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH! If there is any editor out there who can offer print and distribution, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH! And everybody else: PLEASE SHARE AND FORWARD THE IDEA! Thank you and stay connected in the name of freedom! I am an artist and storyteller myself, we could tell this atrocity in a different language, those of images, and spread it far throughout the schools, the offices, the shelters, the playgrounds, the cinemas, public aquariums and wherever lots of people get together!



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