Paula Stephens

This is me & what I call my miracle. My son. The picture is of me with my dog Buddy. Who saved my sanity & my life. The baby is my son & tippy. Our dog. Last is my son with our husky Keiko. I call my son our miracle. We had twins Brittany & Brandon that died at a month old in 92 in 93 we had identical twin boys who died after I had surgery for cervix. Caused sack to rupture. Jordan & Jeffrey died. I went into coma. I came out of it in four days. I got to hold them and I have pictures of all four. Buddy.. Oh Buddy. We got buddy in 91 so we could train him before we got pregnant . Little did I know how much this guy would mean in my life. My husband threw himself into his work did not deal with it well. I was at home 24/7. This Dog saved my life, he was with me & just would not leave me. It is such a hard thing to explain. But I cried everyday. Cried myself to sleep every night. My husband was no where to be found. This little guy. Licked my tears. Kissed my face when he knew I was a wake starring at the ceiling. I really do not know how I would have gotten threw without him. I told him all my fears, well my husband wanted to start trying again. I really did not think I could handle any of it any more. But some how this amazing dog gave me so much unconditional love. I had the strength to try again. He was the only one I talk to about it. How scared I was. Well as you can see. I did try again. I almost died because when I was 4 weeks pregnant I got rear ended. My abdominal was severely bruised. At 6 weeks I ended up in the hospital doubled over. He attached on the back wall. I was in so much pain. They said I had to abort. They said the baby & me would die before I hit 4months. They said my intestines would rupture & me & the baby would die. Some how through Buddy I just knew we would be ok. I refused I was in agony threw the entire pregnancy. In & out of the hospital. But that dog just stayed right with me. I leaned on him so much so much. Our miracle baby boy was born 5 & a half weeks early. He weighed 7 lbs and 1 ounce. Now he is 19 in college & a black belt in karate. Most of all.. He is one heck of a young man. We are very proud of him. To this day when I look at my son. I think of Buddy. This little dog loved me so much. Gave me so much attention. I seriously have no idea how I could have made it threw with out a nervous break down. I know for certain, I never would have been a Mother. Because without Buddy I never could have had the strength or courage to put myself threw the risk again. I owe him everything!! No way I am siting back & letting anyone hurt a dog or any animal. Buddy May be gone, but he had more love & more feelings towards people than most people I have seen. This has to stop. These dogs love unconditionally. They trust you, count on you. How we are all going to repay them for there incredible love. The incredible things they do for society as a whole. There in the military fighting just like our soldiers. They help the police dept. they help the blind. They are elderly people's reason for company when there alone. People stop & think what a dog really is. It is a part of all of us. A part of our families. Please sign & stop these precious friends & family members from being brutalized, terrorized. They need our help, please don't let this happen to one more innocent dog. God did not put them on this earth to be beaten, stabbed, burned alive. Tortured living in horror waiting in terror to die. Please help. I love you Buddy.......


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