Zen Honeycutt
Zen Honeycutt campaign leader

We need to speak up for the health and future of our loved ones now. It is urgent. The health problems of American children are skyrocketing.
My three sons all have allergies, one had life threatening allergies, until we found out about GMOs and went organic. He used to puff up like a raspberry when he ate nuts and we would be in the ER within 15 minutes praying for his life. His nut allergy has gone from 19 down to a .2 without medication, just eating organic and healing his gut. Now, his tongue only itches for a few minutes if he is exposed to nuts. Only 2% of children typically "grow out" of a severe nut allergy. This is not just a rash, this is a life of someone I love.

I believe GMOs and related pesticides like glyphosate are compromising an entire generation of children. 1 out of 2 American children now have a chronic illness such as autism, allergies, asthma, auto immune disorders, IBS, diabetes, obesity, ADHD etc.

We have pages of stories from Moms whose children get better when they get off GMOS. We want GMO's banned NOW but we know first the FDA and EPA must follow their own protocol, have proof and first TEST for safety. Until then, a MORATORIUM on all new GMOs must be issued to protect the citizens and children of America. Warning labels must alert consumers to the differences between GMO and Non GMO food immediately!
As a Mom, I only want my children to be safe, to be able to eat healthy food where ever they go and live long lives that contribute to society. It is up to us, THE PEOPLE, to stand up for our rights for health and freedom!

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