Every creature on this planet is here for a reason, Each with a unique and important job to do. And if this sounds like the beginning of a story for children, it is only because that is what we tell children in grade school. It is an elementary and fundamental lesson that we evidently think is important enough to teach our children at a very early age but one we unlearn as we grow older. As we listen to giant corporations tell us what is good for us to buy and we listen to a government committee or agency tell us what is good for us to eat, and we listen to advertisers tell us to eat their blue/instant/chemical laden food so we can have that in common with all the pretty people doing it in the commercial and having such fun. We use toxic chemicals to wash our hair and skin, toxic cosmetics to try and achieve the advertisers beauty standard, we use toxic chemicals to mask our scents, we use toxic chemicals to kill weeds, fertilize the food we eat, kill bugs that are trying to stay alive to carry out their very necessary roles on this earth. Those chemic als all end up somewhere. In your water. In the soil, which in turn ends up in your store bought vegetables and the feed that is forced into your beef and poultry. As the balance of nature is disrupted by our vanity, our greed and our ignorance more and more things are spinning out of control. Each thing is dependent on the other , it is a balance. Think of the simplest balance- a see saw, what happens when you remove one of the counter balances? It crashes to the ground. What happens if you remove an important ingredient from a recipe? It fails. What happens when a human beings personal eco system becomes unbalanced? Illness. Imagine the Earth as one living breathing being, every nuance, every feature, every function of every creature here being THAT body's operating system. We are throwing that into chaos. Disrupting the chemistry, upsetting the delicate balance that should be keeping it operating perfectly as it should. We have created illness in the body of the earth. It is up to us to heal it. Without trying to restore some balance we are doomed to watch the earth cease to be able to support mankind. Perhaps that will be the only way the planet will heal. When she shrugs us off like the disease we have become. Please ...please... for the sake of us all- explore natural methodologies for your gardening practices, for your pest control practices, for your food growing practices...discover permaculture , read books, talk to farmers and gardeners who are utilizing these methods, save yourself, save us all. Read labels, don't buy GMO , research your food, eat local and organic. Don't support mega corporations -support farmers who use sustainable practices and care about what you eat. Stop .....think.

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