Fabrizio Bidussi
Fabrizio Bidussi campaign leader

The Free Territory of Trieste was established by the Treaty of Peace with Italy in 1947 and guaranteed by the UN security council (16th Resolution), then entrusted to the Italian administration in 1954.
Right now, Italy illegally declared its sovereignty (with no international treaty in support of this), while denying us the nationality of the Free Territory of Trieste on passports and ID cards. These civil and human rights are specifically granted by the aforementioned Treaty of Peace and 16th UNSC Resolution!
We therefore call for the respect of the international law for our rights and our formal — yet unapplied — freedom and require the reactivation of the free port of Trieste, the main engine of the city economy.
As of today, there is no ratified international treaty declaring the end of the Free Territory of Trieste, or the revocation of FTT citizenship.

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