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Help support the building of Mal Clinic (Peace Clinic) in South Sudan to help the people affected by the violence. Donate and share!

As you all are aware about what is taking place in South Sudan, the most affected people are those of civilians displaced in UN Compounds and in the bushes. The greater Upper Nile has been designated as state of emergency; and for that, medical equipment, drugs and other necessary items will not reach there. So as such, a group of us, medical professional, will be starting medical clinics to response to the need of our people. We all know that the bigger killer when there is wars and disasters are diseases. 

Dr. Duol Tut, based in Kenya, has offer to lend his expertise to help our people. Here in the state, a group us is putting together a medical team that will includes: nurses, doctors and mental health experts. In the western world there are a lot of us; in Canada, United States, Australia and Europe. So, we are appealing to everybody to contribute a one time donation of $50 dollars. We guaranteed your contribution will go exactly where we promise it to go and more. Our motto is, "Talk is cheap" and we don't want to disappoint our suffering mothers, fathers, sisters, and relatives back home. We are their hope. There is a huge community of South Sudanese and friends and therefore let's proof our concern and care for those back home. Any contribution is highly appreciated. Our Mal Clinic thereafter will be self sufficient and we will brief you with its progress. There will be benefit concert coming to Omaha, Nebraska, featuring our one and only, Emmanuel Jal. Details coming soon. Thank you and God bless. Signed by, Lual Nyang Nyak Emmanuel Jal Jak Ger Thabach Duany Bandak Lam Lul Manyang Reath Nyakuothkel Wiel Christine Pagan Digol Deng


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