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Breaking News - Baby Albino Dolphin & 250 dolphins captured in Taiji Japan

Today 5 separate pods of dolphins have been driven into the infamous bloodstained Taiji Cove in Japan. 

Right now they await their fate.

Included in the 250 dolphins is an extremely rare BABY ALBINO bottlenosed dolphin. This will likely be torn from it's mother prematurely and sold to a marine park for MILLIONS. The others will be slaughtered, selected for captivity or if they are not suitable, driven back out to sea, weak & traumatized.

Can this exploitation & brutality really be allowed to happen in the HOST NATION of the 2020 Olympic Games? 

This is not honorable, tradition or culture and is no longer acceptable in a modern society. 

The international community is watching this disgraceful act and demanding the immediate release of ALL of these dolphins.

How many rules of the Olympic Charter, the United Nations Agenda 21 & the Olympic Movement's OWN Agenda 21 document regarding the environment, eco-systems & wildlife does this cruel hunt exploit?

What can you do?

Please visit http://www.olympic.org/ and contact them, the IOC and your National Olympic Committee via email, TwitterFacebook

Contact the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee via their Twitter or Facebook accounts to let them know that this is not acceptable.

Please join our TWEETSTORM, instructions & pre-written tweets are ready for you to click on, to get this story into the mainstream media. 

Please contact any media contacts and ask them to pick up on this story.

And finally, please continue to share this petition.!!

Many thanks for your continued support!


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