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A couple of years ago, I was suddenly awoke in the middle of the night. It was pitch black, and I was suddenly aware that the bed was moving, it was quite scary, it only happened for maybe a minute or less. Then it stopped, I lay in a sweat and realised that what I had just experienced, was an earthquake. It was only minor, the only evidence I could find was pictures had moved on the walls in the house, and a pile of papers had fallen over. Next morning I told Mary who sleeps in another room, as my snoring keeps her awake. She said I was crazy, and must have been dreaming. But then when the news came on TV they reported that there had been an earthquake in the Blackpool area. We had no idea at that time what caused it, but it later was reported that test drilling for fracking had caused it. Well I'm not squeamish, as a sailor in the Royal Navy, I have been in force 8 to 10 gales in the North Sea and Atlantic, onboard a Frigate, which was tossed around like a cork, with waves as high as Blackpool Tower. But I do not want fracking to go ahead unless there is 101% certainty that we will not be subjected to any kind of earth tremors it can cause. Just heard the lie of the century on question time tonight, " Energy Prices will come down " This country will not even have control of the prices, as it will be owned by multinational companies from abroad. We were told that privatising Gas, Water, Electricity, would make it cheaper, it hasn't happened yet!
According to the latest news, and you can check it out, Over 300,000 West Virginians’ water was poisoned with chemicals from the coal industry — and now hundreds of people are sick. Take action so this never happens again!

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