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Just recently, once again I bought my puppy from a pet shop in Victoria. Although my little Bella is a gorgeous pup, she comes from a puppy farm. Like all puppies that are born in these horrible conditions, Bella has significant behavioural issues and major health problems. Bella was born on 03/10/2013 and sold on 07/12/2013. What this means, is that she has been taken away from her mother much sooner then it should been allowed to. As a result of this, the puppy has severe anxiety and abnormal behavioural issues. She is constantly crying even when she is around people, and she is constantly biting when you are trying to pat her or just walk around the house. (She actually growls and runs after people biting their legs). At the time we picked her up from the shop, she had a severe rash and eczema all over her body. One or two days later, we took Bella to the Vet and she has been found with very bad ear infection. From the very first day we’ve got her, now inclusive, she has diarrhoea and she cannot digest anything except boiled rice with nothing in it. We have tried to feed her very expensive dry puppy food but as soon as she eats it, she eliminates it in the form of very strong smelling diarrheic stools. We further took Bella to a Vet in Adelaide to see if we can cure her bad diarrhoea. The Vet has given her antibiotics and strongly suggested that if the condition persists we should take her back to him. We couldn’t do this as we live in Melbourne and we had to leave Adelaide. Although she’s had antibiotics, her condition still persists. Also, when we’ve got her, she has been sold to us together with dry puppy food plus a bag of puppy mince that was completely off. Like Bella, there are hundreds if not thousands of innocent puppy souls that were unfairly born in puppy farms.
As they are found with physical or/and mental conditions (like Bella has), they are often given away to RSPCA and ultimately they are being put down in awful procedures.

- A puppy mill or puppy farm is a mass-production facility that breeds puppies for profit. The puppies and their mothers are always kept in very poor conditions. The animals are continually mated and kept with their puppies in cages and never allowed out to exercise, play, have companionship or even go to the toilet. Puppies are kept in intensive facilities that fail to meet the animal's psychological, behavioral, social and physiological needs. As a result of this, many of these animals are born with abnormalities and have a very poor quality of life. Significantly, despite serious animal welfare problems, many puppy farms can be licensed and regulated by local government and operate under local council permits. This is because regulations are not sufficiently stringent or enforceable to ensure the welfare of the breeding animals and their puppies.

Puppy farmers sell to anyone: wholesale and retail, on-line, through pet shops, via newspapers and car boot sales or by using a false house as a "shop front".
Despite increased awareness in people as from where the majority of pups are coming from in pet shops, a high percentage of the population still purchase their new pet from a pet shop. This campaign promotes the idea of banning by act of parliament any pet shop from accepting pups from puppy farms, with the exception of “responsible dog breeders in Australia”. Instead, all pet shops across Australia will accept and sell their pups from RSPCA. With a legal mandate, pet shop retailers will have little choice except to comply. -

Please help me stop cruelty on animals and more then anything help stop puppy farms in Australia by helping me to lobby the Government into implementing a law in Australia that will put an end to puppy farms forever!

*** Gabriela Cooper***

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