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Sandy Hook (Newtown, Conn.) police chief turns his back on school massacre first responder.

Sandy Hook (Newtown, Conn.) police chief turns his back on school massacre first responder.

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In an effort to appease supporters of first Respond...er Thomas Bean, the Newtown Police Department has decided NOT to fire Officer Bean. While this sounds like a victory, in reality Officer Bean’s fight for long-term disability is far from over. In fact it may have become worse. Officer Bean still will NOT receive any long-term benefits.

Had Officer Bean been diagnosed with a physical injury rather than PTSD, his disability would be paid for the remainder of his career. The move by the Chief of Police is meant to hide the real truth -- they are refusing to recognize PTSD for what it is and denying care for those suffering from this very real disease. Please take a moment and call Chief of Police Michael Kehoe. Tell him you stand with Officer Bean and ask that he reverse his decision by covering Officer Bean’s long-term disability.

Call Chief of Police Michael Kehoe at (203)270-4255 to demand that he recognize PTSD and pay long-term disability for Officer Bean. *Please note this is a NON-Emergency Number.

Share your call experience with us by posting to the campaign wall at: https://www.causes.com/posts/892319-big-news-regarding-our-campaign

More details at: http://www.njherald.com/story/24401618/2014/01/08/local-veteran-on-a-mission-to-help-sandy-hook-responder

Please Join And SHARE Our Petition To Help Sandy Hook Police Officer Thomas Bean At: https://www.causes.com/campaigns/65036-get-sandy-hook-first-responder-his-long-term-disability?recruiter_id=59628385


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