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With Liberty & Justice for ALL!

One year ago, I launched this petition on MLK's birthday because I believe he'd agree that any legal American citizen should have the exact same voting rights and would define this disparity as a Civil Rights issue. I also believe he would agree that American citizens living on the island of Puerto Rico are being unfairly banned from voting for their own President of the United States. 

Perhaps he would agree with me that, if the 23rd Amendment was passed in 1961 (in part) as an acknowledgement that the residents of D.C. - (according to historian, Clement E. Vose, who stated "various factors—inexperience in voting, educational handicaps, residency requirements, welfare laws, and social ostracism before the Voting Rights Act of 1965—minimized black registration and voting) - the time has come for our legal Hispanic citizens (now our nation's largest minority) to be similarly empowered. 

When I launched my petition, I symbolically set my one year goal at 2,800 signatures to correlate with my proposed idea of a 28th Amendment movement; urgently requesting that the U.S. Congress debate this issue. Since then, my petition campaign has been successful and has garnered signatures from people all over the world disappointed in this aspect of our American democracy. I've also made it clear all along that I believe the voting disenfranchisement of the residents of Puerto Rico is separate and apart from the issue of status for the island. Further, the current voting ban of legal American citizens continues to be a stain on our nation's democratic principles.

I'll now move to the second phase of my 28th Amendment campaign, which will be to deliver this petition to the President of the United States, members of Congress, the United Nations and to all groups, individuals and organizations who believe in my efforts herein. I welcome your support and encourage you to contact me at NEWYORICANGIRL.COM if you'd like to join me in this voting equality movement - clearly one of our Hispanic community's most important Civil Rights issues at the present time. Let us work together to empower our fellow Americans because the whole world is watching our democracy in action. NEWYORICANGIRL 1/16/14

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